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We offer bespoke cover.
UMAL is a specialist. We only provide cover for Universities and Higher and Further Education Colleges and Institutions. Our service is tailored and focused on the specific requirements and needs of our Members. We don’t provide ‘off the shelf’ cover and we never shy away from difficult risks. We view these as essential if our Members are going to run their organisations successfully, because it is our job to provide – or find – the correct cover.

We have knowledge of the sector, and the risks.
UMAL have been providing cover for our Members since 1992. Over this period, the Higher Education sector has changed substantially, and we have played our part in this journey. We are now widely recognised as a market leader and for having unequalled knowledge of the constantly evolving risks our Members face.

We have experience

We provide cover for:

of property values
FTE students
FTE staff

We offer access to other Members
We have strong and direct communication links to all our Members, unrestricted by insurance broker protocols or commercial sensitivities. As part of our plans for the future, we will be offering more opportunities for our Members to network and share information.

We offer tangible financial benefits
Because we collect contributions – not premiums – we don’t charge IPT, which is currently 12%. And as we never deal with intermediaries and brokers, you won’t have to pay commissions or fees to ‘middlemen’. But the savings don’t stop there. We have paid out over £30m in return of contributions to Members since 1992.

To find out more about becoming a Member of UMAL please contact our Member Relationship Manager:

Latest news

6th April 2022|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Extension to UMAL Travel Cover – Covid-19 Disruption

Since 2020, the UMAL travel cover has excluded all claims under the Disruption section arising out of Covid-19. As we gradually move towards the end of the pandemic I am pleased to advise that we are now able to reintroduce a limited amount of cover for Cancellation and Rearrangement [...]

Our Structure

Under the rules and memorandum of association of UMAL, the mutual is owned by its Members, and its board is drawn primarily, though not exclusively, from the Membership. Each Member nominates a ‘Member representative’, who represents the Member institution and is entitled to vote on rules changes and at the AGM. The mutual entity, U.M.Association Limited, is a private company limited by guarantee without share capital.

Mutual Ownership and Holdings
We have no shareholders and the Members own the Mutual, essentially as custodians for their year of Membership. The rules and constitution of the association requires that the majority of directors are drawn from Members.

Our Member representatives
Each Member is represented by a Member representative, from whom the Mutual effectively takes its instructions and, in the event of a Member wishing to leave, their resignation.

Our financial dynamics and structure
UMAL collects ‘contributions’ (as opposed to premiums) from its Members and then retains a significant element of risk, primarily for attritional or predictable losses.

The Association then buys reinsurance to protect its Members in excess of this retention, enabling it to pool risks and obtain significant purchasing advantages, in respect of both cover and pricing. Our commercial insurers/reinsurers provide identical cover to that given to Members by UMAL.

OJEU and the Teckal Exemption
In procurement parlance, any Higher Education Institute or Further Education College which is publicly funded is a contracting authority, and generally obliged to tender any contract in excess of a limit set down Europe-wide by the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). This limit is changed as procurement law changes.

However, the UK’s Supreme Court decision in 2011 confirmed the ‘Teckal Exemption’. This is named after the case of Teckal SrL v Commune di Viano & Azienda Gas (1999). An exemption from the normal application of the Public Contract Regulations 2006 was established where contracting authorities can award contracts to an ‘in-house’ provider – which is what, in effect, UMAL is, given that it is owned by its Members.

Corporate Information

UMAL is committed to offering the very best service and maintaining the highest professional standards. This approach is reflected in our accreditations and personified by the quality of our professional advisors and board Members.

ISO 9001
UMAL is an accredited ISO firm.

Cyber Essentials
UMAL is Cyber Essentials accredited.

Fire Protection Association
We are Members of the FPA and Mike Stones, our Technical Risk Manager, sits on a number of high-level committees.

Institute of Risk Management
UMAL has been providing Associate Membership of the IRM to its Members since 2013.

We are Members of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation.

Chartered Insurance Institute
We are currently running educational seminars for insurance staff within our Membership at various locations across the country.

Professional Advisors
> Coutts & Co – Bankers
> Simmons & Simmons – Solicitors
> BDO – Auditors

U.M.Association Ltd (registered in England & Wales, no. 2731799) is the Appointed Representative (FCA firm reference no. 417806) of Hasilwood Management Services Ltd (registered in England & Wales, no. 9295343) which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA firm reference no. 665752). Hasilwood Management Services Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of U.M.Association Ltd. The registered address of both companies is 5 St Helen’s Place, London, EC3A 6AB. Hasilwood Management Services Ltd. VAT Registration Number: 212249835.


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