In order to protect your staff and students who travel overseas, you may wish to arrange Kidnap and ransom Cover to provide for the costs and services associated with an incident. We partner with a leading provider of this cover to, whose extensive experience of giving expert advice in the field of Kidnap & Ransom means they can ensure these resources are focused on your needs in the most appropriate way.

What Kidnap and Ransom Covers:
Losses sustained as a direct result of kidnap, malicious detention, extortion, cyber extortion, hijack, threat, disappearance, hostage crisis or a series of connected events.

Insured losses include:

  • Ransom
  • Loss in transit of ransom monies
  • Unlimited expenses of crisis response consultant
  • Additional expenses
  • Additional expenses (cyber extortion)
  • Personal Accident
  • Legal Liability
  • Threat expenses
  • Disappearance

What Kidnap and Ransom Does Not Cover:

  • Deliberate surrender of ransom unless the ransom is being conveyed for the sole purpose of paying a previously communicated ransom demand
  • Payment of a ransom either at the kidnap location of one or more insured persons or where the extortion or cyber extortion demand is first made, unless a ransom demand has already been received prior to bringing the ransom to that location
  • A criminal act or an attempt either directly or indirectly to defraud insurers by you, your directors or officers
  • In respect of malicious detention only:
    • any legal liability arising from a malicious detention for a period of less than three (3) hours;
    • your failure to properly procure or maintain immigration, work, residence, travel or similar visas, permits or other documentation.
  • Any legal liability arising from a hijack for a period of less than three (3) hours
  • Where a threat involves electronic property, no cover is provided under Insured Loss 4 (additional expenses).

Working with an exclusive network of specialist providers, HMSL offers Members access to specialist insurance policies, adding vital protection where needed or complementing the cover provided by their UMAL policy. This ensures our Members enjoy the widest and most appropriate protection available for their assets and liabilities.

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Obtaining a Quote:
HMSL will need your current motor policy schedule along with your fleet list and last 3 years confirmed claims experience.

For further details or to discuss your requirements please contact:

Leon Martin
PA, Travel & Motor Underwriter

[email protected]
Tel: 0207 847 8681

For Claims Details refer to policy documents.