Emergency Building Replacement Plan

If your buildings are unexpectedly damaged or made unusable, your top priority is to minimise disruption for your students, staff and visitors. That’s possible through an arrangement with Portakabin that provides our Members with high quality, interim specialist educational facilities until your buildings can be repaired or rebuilt.

As a preferred supplier to UMAL, Portakabin brings a wealth of experience in disaster recovery for buildings. For UMAL Members they are offering a free Emergency Building Replacement Plan to ensure you’re well prepared in the event of a disaster.

The Emergency Building Replacement Plan includes:

  • Free of charge one-hour site assessment and report detailing how interim replacement buildings can be deployed to mitigate the impact of a disaster.
  • A bespoke emergency building template designed to be incorporated within your Business Continuity Plan
  • Preferential rates in the event of an emergency
  • UK coverage

The Emergency Building Plan includes:

A breakdown of the amount of teaching and ancillary space required for interim needs, ensuring Building Bulletin compliance where necessary.

An assessment of the space on site available for the decanted facilities required.

An estimate of the average capacity of your buildings, to ensure minimal disruption to staff and students.

A breakdown of other needs such as: waste, dranage, electricity supply, access ramps, climate control, furniture, fire and security and water and chlorination requirements.

A comprehensive report summarising your building needs, bespoke recommendations for your facilities and a breakdown of the cost along with everything you need to know about emergency building provision.

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