We rebated £300,000 of commissions to Members last year

We can arrange a huge range of insurance coverage with a variety of different markets including Lloyd’s.

We place around £7m of premiums for our Members

About HMSL

UMAL provides the widest protection available for Higher and Further Education institutions, covering risks ranging from Property, Business Interruption and Liabilities, to Clinical Trials, Governors’ Directors’ and Officers’ Liability and Travel.

Sometimes however, the nature or location of certain risks means that we turn to an established network of specialist providers – comprising insurance brokers and insurance companies – who we partner with to provide additional or complementary cover to that provided by UMAL. We access these specialist providers via HMSL, a wholly owned subsidiary of UMAL and a general insurance intermediary and mutual management services provider.

By providing this range of cover and specialist products, HMSL and UMAL combine to ensure our Members have the most comprehensive protection available to Higher and Further Education institutions – all supported by expert risk knowledge, advice and claims management.

HMSL is different to commercial insurance brokers as we focus entirely on the best interests of our Members instead of being driven by commission earnings . In the last 12 months we have returned over £300k of commission to our Members. We also place nearly £5m of premiums and services through HMSL which means we can pass on the benefit of bulk purchasing. This further reduces cost and saves time for Members who would otherwise have to arrange individual cover on their own, or pay for the services of a broker to arrange cover at standard market rates.

Through its relationship with UMAL, HMSL adds value for
clients through:-

  • Promoting the principle of mutuality and shared services – including the return of commissions back to Members where and when possible.
  • Procuring and providing appropriate insurance cover for Members effectively and efficiently
  • Competing with other providers to reduce the price of insurance cover and to further increase its value for Members through bulk purchasing
  • Understanding the needs of Members and the risks presented by them
  • Providing services for Members that are effective, efficient, appropriate and easy to access

What our members say

The UMAL team’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the type of things Higher and Further Education institutions get involved in, means that there is rarely a query raised that they haven’t come across before.
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Available Products


Cover for accidental damage, fire, theft and third party liability cover for vehicles in your custody or control (including temporary hired vehicles)
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Engineering Inspection

Provides independent inspection by a competent person to help you meet your legal obligations under Health & Safety legislation.
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Legal Expenses

Legal costs in respect of Employment Disputes, Employment Compensation Awards, Property Disputes, Criminal Defence, Tax Protection, Regulatory Compliance, Court Attendance Costs, Employee Extra Protection and (optionally) Contract Disputes.
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Kidnap & Ransom

Insured losses and Control Risks fees and expenses following a kidnap, malicious detention, extortion, cyber extortion, hijack, threat, disappearance, hostage crisis or a series of connected events
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Event Cancellation

Cover for necessary and unavoidable cancellation, abandonment, disruption or rescheduling of the event for reasons beyond your control and the control of the participants.
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Cyber Response

Cover for breach response expenses in terms of computer expert services, legal services, crisis management and public relations, notification services to third parties. Covers any fines, penalties, liabilities and regulatory defence costs, lost data and cyber extortion.
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Fine Art/Manuscripts/Maps and Musical Instruments

Dedicated cover on an ‘all risks’ basis for all Members Art and antiques collections including exhibitions which can be insured on the basis of an agreed valuation or at market value. Specialists are used in the settlement of any claims.
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Cover in respect of sea going vessels in terms of the hull, machinery, gear or other equipment on an ‘all risk’ basis. Also includes liability to third parties under the Marine Institute clauses.
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Cover in respect of their aeroplane/gliders in terms of the hull, machinery, gear or other equipment on an ‘all risk’ basis. Also includes liability to third parties.
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Cover in respect of any Farming activities which can include the premises, stock, livestock and other property of such farms, business interruption and liabilities as required.
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Pension Trustee Liability


Provides trustees and the sponsoring employer with the confidence to perform their roles, secure in the knowledge that they have protection.
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Travel Legal


Legal costs whilst staff or students are travelling abroad in respect of Personal Injury, Criminal Defence and Trave Contract Disputes
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Cover for business assets against Employee Dishonesty and fraud committed by full-time staff, temporary agency staff or work experience or similar placement schemes.
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Excess protection over that provided by UMAL’s core cover for Contract plant, Contract Works and Existing Structures.
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Hirer’s Liability


Cover for hiring costs which may be legally payable arising out of bodily injury, property damage or denial access arising out of activities undertaken at the hired premises.
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HMSL is ISO9001 registered.

HMSL is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, as a general insurance intermediary; Firm Reference Number 665752. UMAL is an Appointed Representative of HMSL for the purpose of arranging Employers’ liability Insurance for its Member institutions.

HMSL does not give advice on insurance to customers and our product offering has no impartial advice on our part as to the merits or otherwise of our insurance services.

FCA permissions include the holding of and control of client money in respect of non-investment insurance contracts.

Registered Office: 5 St Helen’s Place, London EC3A 6AB