Motor Insurance is a statutory requirement under the Road Traffic Act 1960. Because UMAL is not an Insurer, we cannot provide this cover, but can arrange the cover on our Members behalf through one of our recommended Insurer Partners.

What Motor Insurance covers:
Any motor vehicle the property of the policyholder or in their custody or control (including temporary hired vehicles) and for which they are legally responsible.

  • Liability for death, injury or property damage
  • Loss of or damage to your vehicle
  • Windscreen cover
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal accident
  • Personal belongings
  • Loss of keys and replacing locks
  • Unauthorised use of the vehicle or unlicensed drivers
  • Uninsured loss recovery – via motor legal expenses policy

What Motor Insurance Does Not Cover:

  • The policy excess
  • Compensation for not being able to use your vehicle
  • Loss or damage by theft or attempted theft if left unlocked, the keys left in or on your vehicle, left with the windows/roof panel open or reasonable precautions not been taken to protect your vehicle
  • Damage to your tyres unless caused by an accident to your vehicle
  • Any accessories not permanently attached to your vehicle
  • Loss or damage due to wear and tear, failures, breakdowns or breakages of mechanical, electrical or computer equipment
  • Loss or damage to your vehicle as a result of deception
  • Loss or damage covered by another insurance policy
  • Loss of fuel
  • Vehicle taken without consent by a member of your immediate family or a person living in your home, unless that person is convicted of theft

Working with an exclusive network of specialist providers, HMSL offers Members access to specialist insurance policies, adding vital protection where needed or complementing the cover provided by their UMAL policy. This ensures our Members enjoy the widest and most appropriate protection available for their assets and liabilities.

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Obtaining a Quote:
HMSL will need your current motor policy schedule along with your fleet list and last 3 years confirmed claims experience.

For further details or to discuss your requirements please contact:

Leon Martin
PA, Travel & Motor Underwriter

[email protected]
Tel: 0207 847 8681

For Claims Details contact:

Ensure you have your policy reference number


Claims and windscreen helpline 0330 123 5991


For Claims Notification simply call:

0800 783 6092 (all vehicles except Horseboxes) | 0800 783 6091 (Horsebox)