With UMAL, you don’t just get unequalled cover and superior knowledge expertise and service from our team. We also provide a range of additional services that are exclusive to our Members and which are specifically designed to provide you with all of the protection you need, together with relevant risk management advice and support.

Hasilwood Management Services

Where UMAL cannot provide the cover, Hasilwood Management Services Ltd (HMSL) as a general insurance intermediary and subsidiary of UMAL, has access to additional insurance coverage from specialist insurers, to ensure our Members have the widest and most appropriate cover for their institution at the best terms available. An example is Aviation, Marine, and Overseas Clinical Trials.

Business Continuity and Incident Management

Universities and colleges face unique vulnerabilities and exposures, and experience specific challenges when it comes to continuity and incident planning.

UMAL has formed a partnership with Hartford Consulting to provide business continuity, IT continuity and incident management planning services to Members.

Risk Management

We make regular campus visits to undertake risk surveys to review Property Protection and Health & Safety management.


To avoid potential reductions in claims settlements (known as the ‘Average” condition) we provide free buildings valuations to all members.