UMAL Members have access to an online platform, RiskMonitor Traveller, which combines 24/7/365 real-time alerts with country analysis and advice delivered through a single web portal and mobile app, giving your staff and students valuable information to properly prepare themselves for travel, mitigate risks and provide timely and accurate intelligence with actionable advice when incidents do occur.

Before you Travel
HIGH or EXTREME rated destinations
Threat Scale Reference
Threat Level Implication
01 Negligible The threat poses no discernible risk to travellers and warrants no particular security measures.
02 Low The threat poses only limited risk to travellers and is manageable with routine precautions.
03 Moderate The threat to travellers is credible and warrants management review and planning.
04 High The threat to travellers is serious and detailed security measures are required.
05 Extreme The threat to travellers is pervasive and renders the trip unfeasible.
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Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

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