The Claims Process

Our experienced claims team handles all aspects of the claims process promptly and efficiently. All Members receive:

  • Claims guidelines 
  • Emergency out-of-hours contact details
  • Electronic access to their claims timeline

Injury Claims
For Employers’ Liability and Public Liability (Injury) claims a specialist defence solicitor administers these claims on our behalf. All claims are acknowledged within the necessary timeframe, or within 24 hours where reported directly to UMAL. Any subsequent investigation and direct handling with solicitors and claimants is undertaken by our specialist defence solicitors.

Professional Indemnity Claims
All claims are reviewed and acknowledged within 24 hours. We instruct specialist defence solicitors to liaise with the Member, or work with them for a direct response to the claim. We also provide an initial liability assessment and regular updates.

Travel & Group Personal Accident
We handle all claims internally, with specialist international emergency assistance where required.

We actively progress potential recovery or contribution from third-parties on applicable claims, including the Members’ own deductibles.

Non Mutual Claims
With claims from HMSL cover categories – Motor, Legal Expenses, etc – Members’ interests are best served by dealing directly with Insurers. We will provide full contact details and maintain consultation between the insurer and Member.

We retain core claims data going back to 1992, and are able to look at trends in frequency, severity, cycle times and causation. We provide this information to our Members on a benchmarking basis.

Submitting a claim
Claims notifications should be made to [email protected] or by calling our claims team on 0207 7847 8670.

Travel claims forms are available to complete as a fillable PDF or downloaded here.

All claim forms and accompanying documentation should be sent to [email protected]

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