Many of our Members have large collections of valuable Art, Antiquities Books, Maps and Musical Instruments. Although UMAL can provide limited cover for these collections, the cover and services provided by specialist Art Insurers may be more appropriate. We can provide access to a number of Insurers and market wide facilities.

What Fine Art can include:

  • “All risks” of physical loss or damage
  • A Bespoke basis of valuation
  • Depreciation following partial loss
  • Costs of repair and restoration
  • Worldwide transit and premises risks
  • Loans

Bespoke coverages and innovative solutions are offered that meet specific insurance needs. This can include additional coverages not readily available in the market, including:

  • Cover for legal costs and loss when an object’s provenance or title is disputed
  • Costs of restoring historically or culturally significant objects which may be in excess of the market value of the work
  • Contingency cover for when you need an umbrella coverage in case your insurance does not respond
  • Automatic cover for new acquisitions to a collection
  • Cover for the costs of cancelling an exhibition, or art fair cancellation fees
  • Protection for digital artwork

What Musical Instruments Covers can include;

  • Accidental damage & theft
  • Worldwide Cover (Includes in transit and when touring)
  • Emergency Hire Cost – Up to 25% of your sum insured can be used for emergency hire costs
  • Loans
  • Hired/Borrowed equipment cover
  • Low standard excess

Working with an exclusive network of specialist providers, HMSL offers Members access to specialist insurance policies, adding vital protection where needed or complementing the cover provided by their UMAL policy. This ensures our Members enjoy the widest and most appropriate protection available for their assets and liabilities.

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For further details or to discuss your requirements please contact:

Vassos Costas
Property Underwriter

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Tel: 0207 847 8683