We offer bespoke cover
UMAL is a specialist. We only provide cover for Universities and Higher and Further Education Colleges and Institutions. Our service is tailored and focused on the specific requirements and needs of our Members. We don’t provide ‘off the shelf’ cover and we never shy away from difficult risks. We view these as essential if our Members are going to run their organisations successfully, because it is our job to provide – or find – the correct cover.

We have knowledge of the sector, and the risks

UMAL have been providing cover for our Members since 1992. Over this period, the Higher Education sector has changed substantially, and we have played our part in this journey. We are now widely recognised as a market leader and for having unequalled knowledge of the constantly evolving risks our Members face.

We have experience

We provide cover for:

  • Over £80bn of property values

  • 800,000 FTE students

  • 105,000 FTE staff

We have claims capability

We deal with all claims on behalf of our Members, appointing experts where necessary. Since 1992, we have handled over 23,000 claims and paid out over £200m. As we have a unique insight into the issues Higher Education establishments face, we can also provide our Members with benchmark data and emerging claims trends.

We offer access to other Members

We have strong and direct communication links to all our Members, unrestricted by insurance broker protocols or commercial sensitivities. As part of our plans for the future, we will be offering more opportunities for our Members to network and share information.

We are a partnership

Our Members’ relationship with UMAL is not driven by a commercial imperative, profit, shareholders or the need to deliver a target return on equity. At its core is a close partnership based on us providing knowledge, value and service to our Members.

We offer tangible financial benefits

Because we collect contributions – not premiums – we don’t charge IPT, which is currently 12%. And as we never deal with intermediaries and brokers, you won’t have to pay commissions or fees to ‘middlemen’. But the savings don’t stop there. We have paid out over £30m in return of contributions to Members since 1992. This is at a guaranteed minimum 5%, but 10% in respect of general contributions for 2018. The rebate is returned in the current Membership year. And with no rate increases for many years, our stable pricing means you can budget more effectively.