After you register with RiskMonitor Traveller, to create your personal Situation Alert preference select ‘My Account’ in the top right of the screen:

Within the Notification Settings page (as below) you will have the ability to define which Situation Alerts you wish to receive and at what frequency:

Select the Countries or Regions you are interested in from the drop down menus (you can type in the name of the Country you are looking for), choose the incident severity that you would like to receive for that list of countries or regions. The Global Situation Alert severity levels are graded as follows:

  • Negligible

  • Low

  • Moderate

  • High

  • Extreme

Once you have selected the Country and Risk Rating, click Add, and then save. This will move that alert profile to the below list where you can select the frequency you will receive the alerts, as follows:

Live – Alerts will be sent as they are published
Daily – Alerts will be sent daily if there are alerts to send

You can amend your profile at any point should you wish to change what alerts you wish to receive.