RiskMonitor Traveller

UMAL is a mutual organisation owned and controlled by its Members.

UMAL Members have access to an online platform, RiskMonitor Traveller, which combines 24/7/365 real-time alerts with country analysis and advice delivered through a single web portal and mobile app, giving your staff and students valuable information to properly prepare themselves for travel, mitigate risks and provide timely and accurate intelligence with actionable advice when incidents do occur.

To access the online intelligence platform:

  • Enter your institutional e-mail address (ending .ac.uk), click register and follow the instructions online

  • A verification email will be sent. Click the link, create your password and you’re good to go!

HIGH or EXTREME rated destinations

UMAL travel cover applies to any destination, including those that have been given a HIGH or EXTREME rating on the RiskMonitor Traveller website (or GlobalRiskManager app). It is recommended that journeys to these destinations be thoroughly risk assessed and that the journey is authorised at a suitable level within the institution ahead of travel. You should review the information for your destination using the RiskMonitor Traveller website or GlobalRiskManager app and if there is anything further that you need to know you can call the Global Response UMAL dedicated line on 02920 662425 or use the 24/7 e-mail UMAL@global-response.co.uk with any pre-travel medical, travel, security or other queries you may have in respect of specific destinations.

Threat Scale Reference
Threat Level Implication
1 Negligible > The threat poses no discernible risk to travellers and warrants no particular security measures.
2 Low > The threat poses only limited risk to travellers and is manageable with routine precautions.
3 Moderate > The threat to travellers is credible and warrants management review and planning.
4 High > The threat to travellers is serious and detailed security measures are required.
5 Extreme > The threat to travellers is pervasive and renders the trip unfeasible.
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

You can also find foreign travel information and advice on the FCO website Foreign Travel Advice

This includes general information on the country to assist in your risk assessment process and also advice on whether the FCO has warned against travel to a particular country.

Before you travel

Contact the Global Response UMAL dedicated line on 02920 662425 or use the 24/7 e-mail UMAL@global-response.co.uk for pre-trip advice, including visas, inoculations and medical or security advice.

Download the GlobalRiskManager app for travel advice, security information and to receive alerts for any incidents occurring in your destination country or region. You need to have registered on the RiskMonitor Traveller website before logging into the app. Alerts can be configured by country, proximity, severity and/or category to ensure that you receive the alerts that you need.

e-Learning – Travel Prepare

UMAL provides Members with access to TravelPrepare, an expanded e-learning facility to assist both staff and students prior to travel. To access this service:

Visit https://travelprepare.drum-cussac.net/login/self-registration.php

Enter your ‘.ac.uk’ e-mail address and the re-captcha code and click ‘submit’

A verification email will be sent. Click the link, add your details and create your password

Day to day log in to the platform (once self registration is completed) is: https://travelprepare.drum-cussac.net