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When you travel on business in relation to your institution outside your Country of Domicile (or within the Country of Domicile if an overnight stay and/or travel by air is involved) you are covered by our group Travel scheme administered by U. M. Association Ltd. A summary of benefits and the services available is shown below – but please refer to your Insurance Officer or Administrator for the full terms and conditions of the cover.

MEDICAL EXPENSES (excluding within United Kingdom) – up to £10,000,000

Cover not applicable if travelling against medical advice


NOTE: Do not pack money or valuable items in your checked-in luggage when in transit. Retain these as hand luggage.

You must report any loss, theft or damage to either the local Police or, where appropriate, the airline (or other carrier) within 24 hours and obtain a written report.

MONEY - up to £5,000 (Cash Limit - £2,500)

NOTE: You must report any loss or theft to the local Police within 24 hours and obtain a written report.

DISRUPTION – up to £20,000

PERSONAL INJURY – up to £50,000

PERSONAL LIABILITY – up to £5,000,000


LEGAL EXPENSES (underwritten by Abbey Legal Protection) – up to £25,000