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Travel Security Online

Control Risks

UMAL is able to offer Members the Control Risks' online services Country Risk Forecast and CityBrief to help institutions and staff mitigate the risks of operating in and travelling to difficult and unfamiliar environments. Control Risks is a leading business risk consultancy.

This online service can be accessed at Travel Security Online. You will need your username and password to gain access. If you have not been given this (or cannot remember it) please contact the insurance officer at your institution.

Travel Risk Map

UMAL Members also have access to the Travel Risk Map, which can be found here.

This website provides a simple, colour-coded map of the world indicating either travel risk or medical risk to assist you with your risk assessment prior to travel. Click on an individual country for a brief summary of the risks. Further information on travel risks can be accessed via the link to Travel Security Online (above).

HIGH or EXTREME rated destinations

In general, any destination that has been given a HIGH or EXTREME rating by Control Risks Group should be avoided. It is recommended that journeys to these destinations be cancelled or deferred. The travel scheme will operate to provide cover for any such cancellations and or postponements in most circumstances.

If a journey goes ahead to a destination with a HIGH or EXTREME rating then generally cover will still operate. Because of the nature of the areas visited difficulties may arise, and in the event of a medical emergency we cannot guarantee being able to provide assistance in dangerous areas. Contact UMAL if you need clarification.


Travellers to such an area should be aware of the increased risks of terrorist attack, kidnap and other such events and take advice from Control Risks. UMAL additionally provides its Members with access to Control Risks’ Advanced Security Training (AST) e-Learning facility for travellers. This provides online, interactive learning to aid in understanding the security risks involved in travel to high or extreme rated areas.

The facility can be accessed here. When first accessing the facility, users will need to click ‘Register’ and enter their details to create their own unique account. They will then be taken to the training hub and can click on the ‘Advanced Security’ icon to launch the e-Learning. This consists of bite sized modules, which include a brief introduction and 5 modules, followed by a summary. The modules are:

In each module, users should follow the on-screen instructions. When each page is completed, click ‘Next’ to move on. Upon completion of all pages in the module click ‘Home’ to return to the main screen and select another module.

As users complete each module their progress is saved so they can come back to it at a later stage if needed. When logging back in, users will be asked if they wish to return to their previous ‘location bookmark’ to continue with the course from the point that they last reached.

At the conclusion of the training users can click ‘Certificate’ at the top of the screen to print a personalised certificate of completion.

There is also a toolkit with links to a number of useful documents and websites.