Please be aware we are currently receiving an unusually high volume of Travel claims.

If you are submitting a Travel Claim, it will help us to deal with your Claim more promptly if you ensure  you have provided (where relevant):-

  • A fully completed (including the table of costs on page 3) and signed claim form (this is required) You can find our claims form under the Travel section on our website
  • Original travel itinerary and costs for outbound and inbound travel , including date of booking and dates of travel
  • Please highlight the Additional costs incurred to return to UK  – Note there is no cover if no return plans had already been made
  • You must also seek any refunds available and provide full details of these. Note that taxes on a non-refundable flight tickets are often still refundable We cannot consider your claim unless you provide this information
  • For any trip which was curtailed prior to 24 March please provide confirmation of reason for curtailment i.e. curtailed or cancelled conference/placement/elective
  • For cancellations prior to 17 March (depending on place of travel) please provide confirmation of reason for cancellation i.e. cancelled conference/placement/elective

Please also note that, in respect of curtailment, there is no cover for lost or unused accommodation costs.

For full details of our group Travel Cover click here

To view and download Travel claim forms click here