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Business Continuity

Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity Services from Jermyn Consulting

Universities and Colleges face very specific challenges in both contingency planning and IT disaster recovery, as they have unique vulnerabilities and exposures.

UMAL has formed a partnership with Jermyn Consulting to provide a range of services to Members to deliver solutions which enhance resilience and reduce risk. As one of the benefits of Membership UMAL Members automatically receive a complementary one day review from Jermyn Consulting.

Services from Jermyn Consulting:
Jermyn Consulting has extensive experience in the HE and FE sector, and its challenges and potential solutions. It constantly monitors emerging requirements from its clients and as a result, contingency planning services have been specifically developed to respond to the issues. Jermyn’s philosophy of utilising existing systems where possible means that they can assist institutions with mature processes, as well as supporting those that are just beginning to develop their strategies.

Jermyn makes sure that their solutions can be deployed cost effectively, utilising resources efficiently:

For more information, please contact Derek Mason at UMAL: derek.mason@umal.co.uk

IT Disaster Recovery and Continuity

Identifying the ‘true’ potential cost of IT service loss
The true cost of a prolonged IT service failure can manifest in a number of ways. In particular, damage to reputation can have major implications for future research funding, student recruitment and community relationships.

Understanding the dependencies on IT services
There is frequently no comprehensive view of how multiple user groups use IT across the institution, or the relative priority of IT services themselves.

Inconsistent approaches to disaster recovery
Departmental IT managers frequently develop ‘point solutions’ for local disaster recovery needs. This can result in duplication of effort and expenditure, with an inefficient and ineffective disaster recovery strategy.

How Can Jermyn Consulting Help?
Jermyn Consulting has extensive experience in the sector, developing IT disaster recovery services that are tailored to its particular needs. With finite resources available for IT disaster recovery, Jermyn ensures that
solutions are cost effective and fit for purpose:

Effective IT disaster recovery planning is key to safeguarding data and providing continuity of IT service.To learn more about how Jermyn Consulting can help overcome your IT disaster recovery challenges, please contact us.

For more information, please contact Derek Mason
at UMAL: derek.mason@umal.co.uk