Hasilwood Management Services Ltd. (HMSL)

HMSL, established in 2014, is a Company limited by shares and is a wholly owned subsidiary of U. M.Association Ltd, (UMAL). UMAL is a not-for-profit mutual Association providing discretionary indemnity for specified risks presented in its Member Organisations and related services.

HMSL is a general insurance intermediary and mutual management services provider. It aims to provide clients with access to insurance at the best terms available, and to offer comprehensive management support services.

Engagement with Members of UMAL to understand their needs, to interpret the ever-changing insurance market and to manage effective procurement of excess insurance is key to developing the value offered.

Through its relationship with UMAL, HMSL adds value for
clients through:-

  • Promoting the principle of mutuality and shared services

  • Procuring and providing appropriate insurance cover for clients effectively and efficiently

  • Competing with other providers to reduce the price of insurance cover and to increase its value for clients

  • Understanding the needs of clients and the risks presented by them

  • Providing services for clients that are effective, efficient, appropriate and easy to access

HMSL is ISO9001 registered.

HMSL is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, as a general insurance intermediary; Firm Reference Number 665752. UMAL is an Appointed Representative of HMSL for the purpose of arranging Employers’ liability Insurance for its Member institutions.

HMSL does not give advice on insurance to customers and our product offering has no impartial advice on our part as to the merits or otherwise of our insurance services.

FCA permissions include the holding of and control of client money in respect of non-investment insurance contracts.

Registered Office:
5 St Helen’s Place