What Event Insurance Covers
Event Insurance protects costs and expenses or revenues associated with an event, such as travel expenses, venue costs, ticket sales, advertising and sponsorship revenues, and more. It often complements other forms of event insurance such as event liability.

Coverage is available for the following perils:
  • Inclement weather

  • Natural catastrophe such as earthquake, flood, fire

  • Extra expenses

  • Power failure

  • TV transmission failure*

  • Public transport failure or denial of access

  • Failure to vacate the event venue
  • Strike risks

  • Terrorism or threat of terrorism

  • The inability of any person(s) to appear at your event e.g. speakers, teams or performers non-appearance

*Any request for cover under this heading will require full details which must be included in your application for cover.

What Event Insurance Does Not Cover

There are certain exclusions for event insurance coverage. The principal exclusions include:

  • Financial failure, insolvency or default; support or withdrawal of support by any party

  • Lack of sales, response or attendance

  • Variations in exchange rates or currency stability

  • Radioactive contamination

  • Use of pathogenic or poisonous biological or chemical materials**

  • War and civil commotion**

  • National mourning**

  • Communicable diseases**

**For these exclusions an extension may be available to include these covers. Please include any request for these extensions in your application for cover.

Obtaining a Quote

Please click here to download our PDF proposal form and obtain a quote for your event, if the PDF is not editable please download using Adobe Reader and if you are still having trouble contact Leon. Once completed, please email the form to Leon Martin – leon.martin@umal.co.uk