Members with Property Damage Cover
  • There is now a full exclusion on our Property covers for Communicable Diseases, in line with ALL Commercial Insurers. This extends to exclusions on;

  • Business Interruption

  • Denial of Access

  • Loss of Attraction

Members with Employers and Public/Products Liability Cover
  • Full cover will continue for both Employers’ Liability, and Public/Products Liability up to a limit of £50m (for those that buy up to this limit); i.e. there will not be a COVID-19 exclusion.

  • We have had to impose a COVID-19 exclusion under the Medical Malpractice extension for any circumstance arising outside of the UK. Note that this exclusion is NOT in respect of the main Public Liability cover, nor is it in respect of UK Medical Malpractice.

Members with Professional Indemnity
  • We have had to impose a COVID-19 exclusion for limits above £5m. Full cover is available up to £5m, but for any Members buying above this limit an exclusion has been applied.

Members with Travel Cover
  • COVID-19 is now excluded for Travel Disruption, Curtailment and Cancellation cover, (except for trips booked prior to 17th March 2020) but this is not a total exclusion for Pandemics. Medical Expense will not be excluded for COVID-19.

  • Our deductibles for some sections have increased from £25 to £50 and we have removed cover for Personal Mobile Phones.

  • We have introduced an alcohol and drugs exclusion to our wording.

For further information please contact our Member Relationship Managers:

Derek Mason

T: 020 7847 8680 | [email protected]

Claire Ford

T: 0207 847 8677 | M: 07562429220 | [email protected]