Since 2020, the UMAL travel cover has excluded all claims under the Disruption section arising out of Covid-19. As we gradually move towards the end of the pandemic I am pleased to advise that we are now able to reintroduce a limited amount of cover for Cancellation and Rearrangement claims where the loss is caused by the traveller contracting Covid-19. Unfortunately, we are still unable to provide any cover for losses caused by changes to travel regulations, flight restrictions, etc.

The cover available will be for:

  • Cancellation as a result of the Person Covered (only) contracting Covid-19 within 14 days of the start of the journey and confirmed by a positive PCR test.
  • Rearrangement costs incurred overseas as a result of the Person Covered being unable to board their pre-booked return flight to come home at the end of the journey as a result of a positive PCR test. This would include additional travel and accommodation costs (up to 14 days) necessary to get them home.

This cover will be subject to an annual aggregate of £1,000 per person and £20,000 per Member and claims will be subject to a £100 deductible.

The cover is optional and there will be an additional contribution payable for cover to the end of the current year and annually for next year. The amount payable is rated on exposure and will therefore vary from Member to Member. Please contact Leon Martin for further information at: [email protected]