On Friday 11th February, the FCDO issued advice for all UK Nationals to leave Ukraine immediately and hopefully, all travellers would have departed before the recent events. Claims for repatriation will be considered under our Political Evacuation cover.

For any travellers remaining in Ukraine, in light of the Russian incursion and military action that commenced on 24th February, it is likely that the War exclusion would apply so technically there is no ongoing cover under any section of the Travel cover. In practical terms we would
look at each case on its merits, but we can’t confirm that full cover would remain in place.

There is currently no FCDO advice to visitors to evacuate or leave the country, which would be the trigger for our Travel cover to respond to the costs associated with getting back to the UK.

Having discussed the situation with our security specialists it is clear that the situation is highly volatile and there is already significant disruption to flights. There is also the possibility of detention of foreign nationals, confiscation of travel documents and financial difficulties
as sanctions and retaliatory measures take effect. We have therefore taken a policy decision to provide discretionary cover under the Curtailment section of the travel cover to consider any claim in relation to early return from Russia to the UK (or Country of Domicile).

This is subject to individual circumstances and will require the traveller to have a pre-booked ticket for their return. We will provide cover for the reimbursement of additional travel costs associated with returning earlier than planned or scheduled. Claims should be submitted to:

[email protected].

Our advice is that travellers and Members should use their usual travel providers to make these arrangements, but if help is needed advice can be sought from Crisis24 (formerly) Drum Cussac, who can be accessed via our main emergency contact details, administered by Global Response:-
Tel: +44 (0)2920 662425      E-mail: [email protected]

Or details can be found on our website, via this link:-

If you need other help or advice, please get in touch with us as follows:-
[email protected]
[email protected]