The recent incidents at UK Universities in the last 24 hours following the discovery of suspicious packages highlight the potential interference caused to University activities.

Whilst the investigation as to the motive behind both incidents is still continuing this is a reminder of the Business Interruption cover (or Terrorism Business Interruption cover should they be deemed to be terrorism incidents as defined) you have as Members of UMAL.

Under the terms of your Business Interruption cover we provide ‘Non Damage’ cover on the following basis under the Prevention of Access extension:

Interference with the Business of the Member in consequence of the Premises containing or being thought to contain a harmful device provided that the Police shall be informed immediately the Member is aware of the presence or suspected presence of such harmful device and that no such liability shall attach under this Extension unless the duration of such interference exceeds 8 hours.

Subject to a limit in respect of any one claim of up to £250,000 (or up to £2,500,000 if deemed Terrorism as defined) or any other amount stated for this Extension in the Certificate of Entry.