• Under the terms of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the UK and EU, the EHIC will continue to be valid in the EU and will, at some stage, be replaced by the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). There are however different rules for Spain, Ireland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland – please see for details.

  • UMAL travel cover continues to operate as normal in respect of expenses for emergency medical treatment.

Driving in the EU
  • UK driving licenses will continue to be valid in the EU and drivers will not need to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in the EU or hire a vehicle there except in specific circumstances – please see for details.

  • You will need to carry your license with you and will also need a GB sticker on the vehicle and to carry the V5C Log Book with you (for hired or leased vehicles you will instead need a VE103 form).

Vehicle Insurance
  • Drivers travelling to European countries, including the Republic of Ireland, with their vehicle after 31st December 2020 will need to have the necessary Green Card ahead of their travels.

  • The current requirements for Green Cards are as follows:

    • Must be supported with a valid Certificate of Insurance
    • Green Card must be presented in a hard copy (printed)
    • Green Card can be either green or white paper with black ink
    • Green Card must cover the period of travel
  • HMSL is set up to obtain green cards from insurers for our Members. We will need all of the following information for each card required:

    • Category of vehicle (Car, Motorcycle, Lorry or Tractor, Cycle fitted with aux engine, Bus, Trailer or Other)
    • Make and model of vehicle
    • Registration or chassis number
    • Start and end date of trip (please note that the end date must not exceed the expiry date shown on the Certificate of Insurance as this will invalidate the Green Card)
    • Countries to be visited
Clinical Trials
  • As per Article 19 of EU Directive 2001/20/EC, any non-EU based sponsor of a Clinical Trial involving any EU country, is now required to work with a legal representative within the EU/EEA to act on behalf of the sponsor, or to have a registered office within the EU/EEA.

  • Where such details require to be updated for an ongoing trial, then the substantial amendment must be submitted to the appropriate EU/EEA competent authorities.

Public/Products Liability, Professional Indemnity
  • As such covers already operate on a worldwide basis, there are no changes following the UK’s exit from the EU.

For further information please contact our Underwriters:

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